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10 Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students

Are you an international student applying for Cheapest Universities in USA? Do you consider the cost of tuition before applying, perhaps because of your financial situation? If so, you’ve come to the right spot, as a comprehensive list of the cheapest universities in the United States for international students has been compiled to assist you.

Throughout the text, there are hyperlinks that redirect to the websites of each Cheapest Universities in USA listed. All you need to do is select a decision and visit the college that best meets your needs for additional information.

Surprisingly, these unlisted universities are recognized for more than simply their low tuition. The standard of education supplied by these institutions is also of a high caliber.

Learn more about these Cheapest Universities in USA and their tuition costs by reading on.

Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students

We are aware that international students find it challenging to study in the United States due to the high cost of most colleges.

The good news is that there are still Cheapest Universities in USA  that are relatively affordable for overseas students. Not only are they reasonable, but they also offer a world-class education and would be an excellent alternative for an international student seeking a degree in the United States.

These universities are among the most cheapest in the USA. Having said that, the least expensive American colleges for international students are:

1. Alcorn State University

Home - Alcorn State University

Location: Northwest of Lorman, Mississippi.

About Institution

As one of the Cheapest Universities in USA, Alcorn State University (ASU) is a public, comprehensive university in Claiborne County, Mississippi, which is rural and unincorporated. The legislature of the Reconstruction era established it in 1871 to provide higher education for freedmen.

Alcorn State is expected to be the first black university to get a land grant in the United States.

Ever since it’s origin it has had a very strong history of commitment to black education and has only gotten better in recent years.

Acceptance Rate: 79%

In-State Tuition Fee: $6,556

Out-of-State Tuition: $6,556.

2. Minot State University

MSU - Minot State University

Location: Minot, North Dakota, United States.

About Institution

Minot State Institution is a public university that was established as a school in 1913.

It is the third largest university in North Dakota and offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, it is also among the Cheapest Universities in USA

North Dakota’s Minot State University is ranked 32nd among the best public universities in the state. In addition to its affordable tuition, Minot is committed to quality in education, scholarship, and community service.

Acceptance Rate: 59.8%

In-State Tuition Fee: $7,288

Out-of-State Tuition: $7,288.

3. Mississippi Valley State University

Mississippi Valley State University - YouTube

Location: Mississippi Valley State, Mississippi, United States.

About Institution

Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) is a public institution of higher education founded in 1950 as the Mississippi Vocational College.

The University’s dedication to excellence in teaching, learning, service, and research is complemented by its affordability for both international and local students.

Acceptance Rate: 84%

State Fee for Tuition: $6,116

Tuition from out-of-state: $6,116.

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4. Chadron State College

Chadron State College Reviews | GradReports

Location: Chadron, Nebraska, U.S.

About Institution

Chadron State College is a public, four-year institution founded in 1911.

On-campus and online, Chadron State College provides affordable and accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

It is the only regionally accredited four-year institution in the western half of Nebraska.

Acceptance Rate: 100%

State Tuition Cost is $6,510

Tuition from out-of-state: $6,540.

5. California State University Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach - Wikipedia

Location: Long Beach, California, United States.

About Institution

Being among the Cheapest Universities in USA, California State Institution, Long Beach (CSULB) is a 1946-founded public university.

The 322-acre campus is the third-biggest of the 23-school California State University system and one of the state’s largest universities by enrollment.

CSULB is deeply committed to the academic growth of its students and the local community.

Acceptance Rate: 32%

State Fee for Tuition: $6,460

Tuition from out-of-state: $17,620.

6. Dickinson State University

Location: Dickinson, North Dakota , USA.

About Institution

North Dakota’s Dickinson University is a public institution that was established in 1918, but only received university status in 1987.

Since its founding, Dickinson University has never failed to meet the highest academic requirements.

Acceptance Rate: 92%

State Tuition: $6,348

Tuition from out-of-state: $8,918.

7. Delta State University

Location: Cleveland, Mississippi, USA.

Delta State Institution is a 1924-founded state university.

It is one of the state’s eight publicly sponsored institutions.

Acceptance Rate: 89%

State Tuition: $6,418

Tuition from out-of-state: $6,418.

8. Peru State College

Location: Peru, Nebraska, United States.

About Institution

The Peru State College was founded in 1865 by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The institution is the first and oldest in Nebraska. The uniqueness of this institution is that, it among the Cheapest Universities in USA that enrich students with academic prowess

PSC offers thirteen bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees. There are also eight additional online programs accessible.

In addition to affordable tuition and fees, 92% of first-year undergraduates received aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, or work-study monies.

Acceptance Rate: 49%

State Fee for Tuition: $7,243

Tuition from out-of-state: $7,243.

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9. New Mexico Highlands University

Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico, United States.

About Institution

New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) is a public institution of higher education founded in 1893 as New Mexico Normal School.

Over 80 percent of the student body at NMHU identifies as a minority, which is a point of pride for the institution.

73% of all students received financial help during the 2012-2013 school year, average $5,181 each year. These requirements have not been compromised.

Acceptance Rate: 100%

State Tuition Cost is $5,550

Tuition from out-of-state: $8,650.

10. West Texas A&M University

Location: Canyon, Texas, United States.

About Institution

West Texas A&M University, often known as WTAMU, WT, and originally as West Texas State, is a public institution of higher education in Canyon, Texas. In 1910, WTAMU was created.

In addition to the institutional scholarships granted by WTAMU, 77% of first-year students received an average government award of $6,121.

The student-to-faculty ratio at WTAMU has remained constant at 19:1 despite the institution’s expanding size.

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Statewide Tuition Cost: $7,699

Tuition from out-of-state: $8,945.

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As a prospective international student in the United States of America, you may like to know how to pursue additional education on a budget. There are financial subsidies available for studies in the United States. Let’s discuss financial assistance in the United States of America.

Financial Aids

As an international student who wishes to complete his/her education in the United States, you will need assistance to pay these fees.

Fortunately, assistance is available. You are not required to pay these costs on your own.

Students who cannot afford their educations in full have easy access to financial assistance.

Financial Aids take the following forms:

  • Loans
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study Programs.
  • Grants

You can always source these online or seek the consent of a Financial aid Adviser. But you can always start by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

FAFSA not only grants you access to federal assistance, but it is also required for many other financing opportunities.


Grants are monetary grants, typically from the government, that are typically not repaid.


Scholarships, like grants, are non-repayable distributions of money that originate from schools, organizations, and other private entities.


The most prevalent type of financial aid is student loans. Private loans from banks and other lenders have higher interest rates and fewer repayment choices than federal and state loans.

Work Study Applications

Work-study programs provide on- or off-campus employment. Throughout the semester or academic year, your salary will equal the amount you were awarded through the work-study program.

Additional Information: Requirements To Be Met When Choosing an American University

When applying to any of the above-mentioned Cheapest Universities in USA, make sure to read the university’s admissions standards.

The following general requirements must be met:

1.Some will demand international students to take standardized tests (e.g., GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT), while others will require additional documents (e.g., writing samples, portfolio, patent list) as part of their application criteria.

The majority of overseas students apply to more than three Cheapest Universities in USA to boost their chances of acceptance.

As a student from outside the United States, applying for Cheapest Universities in USA, you may be required to submit evidence of your English-language proficiency, which must be sufficient to attend lectures.

In the next section, available tests to be taken and submitted to your chosen institution will be highlighted.

2.Language requirements for applicants to US universities

To guarantee that the international student is able to successfully and efficiently learn, participate, and interact with other students in the classroom, he/she will be required to submit proof of English proficiency when applying to any of the Cheapest Universities in USA.

Minimum score requirements are highly dependent on the overseas student’s selected program and university.

Most U.S. universities will accept one of the following tests listed below:

  • IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing Service) (International English Language Testing Service),
  • TOEFL iBT Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language),
  • PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English),
  • Advanced C1 (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced).

Therefore, if you aspire to enroll in one of the cheapest universities in the USA for international students, you will need the aforementioned documents and test scores to gain admission and enroll in these elite schools.



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