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10 Cheapest Universities in Ireland for International Students

Are you aware that the most cheapest universities in Ireland for international students have attracted a big number of students from both inside and outside of Europe?

In the previous few decades, Ireland has established one of Europe’s largest and friendliest educational systems. As a result, it is a very popular country and it is also where international students can locates one of the best Cheapest Universities in Ireland.

Several famous public and private universities and colleges are located on its terrain. In the recent decade, this country has been an attractive destination for international students due to its rapidly expanding economy.

Students who choose to study abroad in Ireland can rest confident that they will receive a great education, since Ireland is listed among the world’s top education providers and is renowned for its engineering and technology programs.

Ireland’s abundance of top institutions for international students is another aspect that continually contributes to the country’s ability to attract a growing number of international students from all over the world.

This comprehensive students’ guide to studying in the cheapest universities in Ireland for foreign students will cover a wide range of topics, from why you would want to study in Ireland to the cost for both EU and non-EU students.

How many universities are there in Ireland?

Officially, Ireland has approximately nine government-run major institutions. These public universities are Cheapest Universities in Ireland for international students. Nonetheless, numerous private universities, colleges, and institutions of higher education exist. Additionally, foreign universities have established international branches that are partially headquartered in Ireland.

Higher Education in Ireland 

Ireland is a preferred study destination for international students. It offers a world-class education system, and the cost of studying and living in Ireland is relatively low compared to the rest of Europe, although this will vary depending on your nationality.

Griffith College Dublin and University College Cork are both among the top two percent of universities in the world.

There are three types of institutions of higher education in Ireland, including universities that prioritize research and have academic staff with subject-specific expertise. Universities of technology Offer undergraduate and graduate courses in a wide range of disciplines. They may be large or small, urban or rural, and they provide more hands-on instruction than colleges. Lastly, there are private colleges that provide a variety of courses ranging from English to business and everything else.

What are the average expenses to study in  Ireland for international students?

If you are from an EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland, you can study for free. However, if you are an international student, you must pay tuition. Fees vary by subject and institution, but normally range between €10,000 (US$ 11,500) and €20,000 (US$ 23,300) per year.

If the expense of studying in Cheapest Universities in Ireland has prevented you from doing so, you should reconsider. Although students from the United Kingdom can study in Ireland for free, Irish institutions have always charged international students tuition. However, an increasing number of Irish colleges now offer tuition-free education to overseas students.

Depending on the curriculum and institution, the cost of studying in Ireland can range from €9,000 (£7,500) to €32,500 (£27,000) per year for an undergraduate degree at a public university.

Private college and university courses can be up to €33,000 (£27,700) more expensive per year than public university courses.

Postgraduate degrees are often less expensive than undergraduate degrees, ranging from €5,000 (£4,200) to €20,000 (£16,700) a year, depending on the course, university, and whether or not the student is a domestic or international student.

Why Should You Study in Ireland for Your Next Degree?

There are several reasons to consider studying in Ireland; the following are the most compelling:

  • Several Cheapest Universities in Ireland are totally accessible and inviting to international students. As a result, students are able to connect with individuals from other cultures around the globe.
  • Cheapest Universities in Ireland provide affordable access to a high-quality education.
  • Ireland is a modern and secure nation, and its cost of living is among the lowest in Europe, as studying in Cheapest Universities in Ireland is less expensive than in the United Kingdom and other European nations.
  • The country is diverse and cosmopolitan and offers international students numerous intriguing options.
  • Due to its membership in the European Union, Ireland is one of the best and safest destinations to study.

 Cheapest Universities in Ireland for international student requirements

Here are a number of things you may do to increase your chances of studying in Ireland:

  • To study  , you must have a financial strategy. This may involve enrolling at Cheapest Universities in Ireland, working while studying, or paying out of pocket.
  •  In order to study at Cheapest Universities in Ireland You must satisfy various requirements, including language requirements and application requirements. Make certain you comprehend the requirements and arrange in advance!
  • Then, you must submit your applications to Irish universities using their application system.
  • Get a student visa if you aim studying at Cheapest Universities in Ireland.

List of the 10 Cheapest universities in Ireland for international students

The following is a list of the 10 cheapest universities in Ireland:

  1. Dublin Business school
  2. Cork Institute technology
  3. Griffith college
  4. University of Limrick
  5. Maynooth university
  6. Dundalk institute technology
  7. National college of Ireland
  8. Trinity college Dublin
  9. Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  10. Athlone Institute of Technology

Cheapest universities in Ireland for international students with tuition and acceptance rate

1. Dublin Business School

International Students | Programmes | Fees | Visa | DBS

This university initially aided students in their preparation for professional accounting examinations. The institution thereafter began to provide Accounting, Banking, and Marketing courses.

The school’s offerings have grown throughout time, and it is currently one of the premier educational institutions in Ireland and also one of top Cheapest Universities in Ireland

Programs that are available at the Dublin business school are as follows:

  • Computing
  • Media
  • Law
  • Psychology.

In addition, the school offers part-time degrees and professional certifications in Digital Marketing, Project Management, Psychotherapy, and Fintech.

Dublin Business School tuition fees for overseas students begin at €2,900.

Acceptance rate: The school has an acceptance rate of up to 60 percent.

2. Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology and the Hotelier's Saga | Study in Ireland | Education in Ireland Blog

Cork Institute of Technology was established in 1973 as Cork Regional Technical College. This cheapest university in Ireland consists of two component faculties and three constituent colleges.

Programs offered at cork institute of technology are as follows: 

  • Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Applied Physics
  • Accounting and Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Applied Social Studies.

Tuition: The current annual tuition charge for all levels of study for non-EU students is €12,000, which makes it among the top cheapest Universities in Ireland

The Cork Institute of Technology has an average acceptance rate of 47 percent.

3. Griffith College Dublin

Travelling to Ireland – September 2021 | Griffith College

Griffith College Dublin is a private school of higher education in Dublin’s capital. It is one of the nation’s largest and oldest private colleges, having been established in 1974. The institution was founded to equip students with training in business and accountancy.

Programs available at the university are:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine courses
  • Business Administration
  • Social sciences
  • Art
  • Law.

The tuition at this college begins at 12,000 Euros.

The admissions process of Griffith College Ireland is selective, and its acceptance rate is lower than that of many other universities.

4. University of Limerick

University of Limerick |

The University of Limerick has also been regarded as a Cheapest Universities in Ireland for international students.

In 1972, it was established as a public university. It is well-known that the University of Limerick offers low-cost courses to foreign and non-EU students from all over the world. This university offers an abundance of scholarships to international students.

The courses available at the University of Limerick are as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Natural sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Architecture.

Tuition fees vary per program, with the majority of students paying up to EUR 15,360.

The admittance rate at the University of Limerick is 70 percent.

5. St. Patrick’s College Maynooth

Beautiful castle-like structure - Picture of St. Patrick's College, Maynooth - Tripadvisor

St. Patrick’s College Maynooth, founded in 1795 as the National Seminary for Ireland, is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Ireland for overseas students in Ireland.

Anyone who meets the prerequisites may enroll in the institution’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

Programs that are available at the institution are as follows:

  • Theology and Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Theology.

International students at the institution pay an annual tuition of 11,500 Euros.

Acceptance rate: a candidate’s academic performance is always the decisive factor when evaluating an application.

6. Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) was founded in 1971 and is now one of Ireland’s leading Institutes of Technology thanks to its innovative research programs and high-quality education. The university is a government-funded Institute of Technology with almost 5,000 students, housed on a campus that is technologically advanced.

The courses offered at Dundalk Institute of Technology are as follows: 

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business, Management & Marketing
  • Computing
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Engineering & Built Environment
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts
  • Music, Drama & Performance
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Science, Agriculture & Animal Health.

Annual tuition fees range from €7,250 to €12,000 for overseas students at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Dundalk Institute of Technology is one of the institutions that does not offer statistics on its acceptance rate. This could arise if a university offers programs for which applicants need just meet the admissions requirements to enroll without having to compete with others.

7. National College of Ireland

In addition to being one of the most Cheapest Universities in Ireland, the National College of Ireland (NCI), which is located in the heart of one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, takes pride in its ability to address the current and future needs of mankind.

The courses available at the National University of Ireland are listed below:

  • Engineering
  • Management sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Medicine
  • Social sciences
  • Many other courses.

Among the expenditures associated with funding your studies at the NCI are tuition and lodging. This may cost as much as €3,000.

This university has an acceptance rate of up to 86 percent on average.

8. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College has become one of the most cheapest universities in Ireland. It was established in 1592 and is one of the oldest institutions in Ireland.

The institution is well-known for providing non-EU students with an extensive selection of affordable and cost-effective courses. There are numerous undergraduate and graduate courses accessible for international students.

The following are the courses available at Trinity College Dublin:

  • Business courses
  • Engineering
  • Social sciences
  • Medicine
  • Art
  • Management sciences
  • Law and other martial sciences.

The cost of tuition is depending by the course selected. In contrast, the price ranges between €20,609 and €37,613.

Acceptance rate: Trinity College’s acceptance rate is 33.5%.

9. Letterkenny Institute of Technology

The precursor to Letterkenny Institute of Technology was Letterkenny Regional Technical College. It was created to alleviate the skilled technician labor shortage.

The institute’s students have access to cutting-edge facilities to support their studies. The institute provides sports and leisure facilities to satisfy the demands of its students. Free fitness classes are also available for those who wish to stretch their muscles.

Programs offered at these universities are as follows:

  • Science
  • IT & Software
  • Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Business & Management Studies
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Accounting & Commerce
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Teaching & Education
  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Mass Communication & Media
  • Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing ).

Non-EU students must pay the current Non-EU fee rate for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This amounts to €10,000 annually.

The admittance rate at Letterkenny Institute of Technology is 25 percent.

10. Athlone Institute of Technology

The Athlone Institute of Technology, which was established by the Irish government in 1970 and formerly known as the Athlone Regional Technical College, is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Ireland for overseas students.

It was initially governed by the Vocational Education Committee, but after the passing of the Regional Technical Colleges Act, it obtained greater authority. In 2017, the university was designated as a sanctuary institution.

Available programs at the Athlone Institute of Technology are:

  • Business and Management
  • Accounting and Business Computing
  • Civil Construction
  • Mineral Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare
  • Social Science and Design.

International students pay around 10,000 EUR each year in tuition fees.

Acceptance rate: Athlone Institute of Technology accepts fewer than 50 percent of applicants each year.

How to Apply to Cheapest Universities in Ireland 

Simply visit the institution’s website and click the Apply Now option in the bottom right corner. However, a minimum academic score of 60% or higher is required for each subject in Standard 7. Students with a grade point average of at least 50% may enroll in foundations and diploma programs.

Prior to enrolling in a degree program, the student must reach the age of 18 years. It is essential to realize that although Irish colleges have lowered admissions standards, the education standard has not decreased.

Consequently, you should work diligently over the next few years to develop your capacity to deal with a high level of learning.

Are Universities Free in Ireland?

Despite the fact that students from European Union (EU) nations have the pleasure of studying for free in Ireland, they may be required to pay some fees to enter certain universities.

Some colleges and private groups give scholarships to international students so that they can study for free in Ireland. The annual tuition for international students in Ireland can begin at approximately 9,650 EUR (approximately $11,500 USD).

Depending on your place of origin, a student visa may be required to study in Ireland. The website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade lists a number of additional nations whose nationals are exempt from visa requirements.

You must register with Irish immigration authorities upon arrival. This is possible via the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service’s internet portal. To apply for the visa, you will need to supply certain documentation.

A letter of admission, proof of medical insurance, proof of sufficient funds, two recent passport photographs, evidence of English proficiency, and a passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of the program are all necessary.

How to get a student visa for Ireland

Depending on your place of origin, a student visa may be required to study in Ireland. The website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade lists a number of additional nations whose nationals are exempt from visa requirements.

You must register with Irish immigration authorities upon arrival. This is possible via the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service’s internet portal. To apply for the visa, you will need to supply certain documentation.

A letter of admission, proof of medical insurance, proof of sufficient funds, two recent passport photographs, evidence of English proficiency, and a passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of the program are all necessary.

Why is Ireland a Good Place to Study?

In addition to the abundance of inexpensive universities, Ireland is an excellent place to study for a variety of other reasons. These are listed below.

  • It is fascinating to contemplate that the education industry has been one of the primary contributors to Ireland’s thriving economy over the past few decades.
  • It is hardly unexpected that the country’s academics and higher education institutions are among the best in the world. IMD World Competitiveness ranks the curriculum of Ireland at twenty-first.
  • Comparatively, approximately seven Irish universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.
  • Organizational programs are rich, diverse, and have high worldwide performance requirements. At the forefront of research in Irish universities are the social sciences, economics, electronics, and the humanities.


Studying abroad is a wonderful experience, and Ireland is a fantastic option for making your ambitions of being an international student a reality, regardless of your financial condition.

To be eligible for enrollment at one of Ireland’s most affordable universities for overseas students, you must get the requisite documentation and achieve the minimal score on any English proficiency exams.



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