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10 Best Snowboard Schools In the USA

10 Best Snowboard Schools In the USA!

If your children enjoy skiing and snowboarding, you should consider enrolling them in schools that provide the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA. This is due to the fact that kids who grew up enjoying to ski or snowboard may find it difficult to give up the sport when they enter college.

We have therefore produced a list of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.

The majority of skiers and snowboarders desire great slopes nearby, both for enjoyment and when school pressures are strong.

So, attending a school that encourages skiing and snowboarding or living near mountains provides an excellent opportunity to join collegiate skiing and snowboarding teams.

This article provides information on snowboarding, where beginners may learn snowboarding and skiing, and the best Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.

What exactly is a Snowboarding School?

A snowboard school is a school that allows pupils to participate in snowboarding activities. It may also include schools, colleges, resorts, and facilities that offer snowboarding and skiing courses and instruction.

In general, the majority of snowboarding schools are located on mountainous or sloppy terrain, or in an atmosphere that is conducive to snowboarding.

Snowboarding is a recreational and Winter Olympic and Paralympic sport featuring the descent of a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard strapped to the feet, according to Wikipedia.

Several snowboarding schools and universities may also offer skiing and sledding as extracurricular activities.

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Why Attend a Snowboard School in the United States?

Snowboarding essentially makes winter bearable and even pleasurable.

As you may already know, winter is easy to dislike due to the cold, ice, snow shoveling, and driving in the snow.

In contrast, snowboarding makes good use of the cold.

On the road, snow might be an annoyance, but on the mountain, it can be a source of enjoyment.

Imagine being a student in a school or college that encourages snowboarding or skiing, particularly in the northern United States.

With these activities, you will undoubtedly find a way to enjoy the winter, despite its freezing temperatures and snowfall.

List of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA 

The following is a list of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA:

1 Oak Hill Academy

Best Snowboard Schools In the USA

Oak Hill Academy, founded in 1878, is a small, coed, college preparation boarding school in Virginia for students seeking a controlled environment in which to thrive. It is one of the institutions and universities in the United States where students engage in snowboarding activities.

Oak Hill Academy combines structure and independence, discipline and exploration, and a guiding hand and a caring heart. The school’s curriculum challenges the most intelligent pupils and supports those who may be less driven or who are struggling in their current school environment.

In addition, their organized and relational setting affords students the ability to positively reinvent themselves.

In addition to academic offerings, Oak Hill emphasizes the significance of student participation in campus life. Hence, they place a premium on student participation in sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. Among them are Snowboarding and Snow Skiing, among others.It is one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.


2 Eaglebrook Elementary

Eaglebrook School was founded by Howard Gibbs in 1922 as a private boarding and day school for middle school boys in Deerfield, Massachusetts. It is one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA where students engage in snowboarding activities.

Eaglebrook’s mission is to assist each boy in coming into full and self-assured possession of his innate talents, in developing the skills necessary to meet the rigors of secondary school, and in establishing the values that will enable him to be a person who respects individual differences and acts with thoughtfulness and humanity.

In a loving, caring, organized environment, boys uncover inner resources, build self-confidence, and have fun while learning more than they ever imagined possible.

As part of its sporting offerings, the school offers both competitive and leisure alpine skiing.

Eaglebrook School owns and runs a ski slope with artificial snow, a chairlift, and snow grooming on site.

Since 1923, the Eaglebrook School Ski Program has produced numerous skiers who have gone on to attain collegiate, national, and international recognition in the winter sports world.

Each year, a number of Eaglebrook student-athletes qualify for the Western Massachusetts Alpine Championships and between one and four competitors qualify for the Eastern United States Finals and United States Eastern Championships.

Also, each year a number of Eaglebrook student-athletes compete in the USSA Race Program. Each instructor and skier at Eaglebrook is registered with both the United States Skiing Association and the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association.

Brian Rose, Director of Snow Sports and Head Varsity Ski Team Coach, can be reached at for more information about the Eaglebrook winter sports program.


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3 Brewster School

Brewster Academy is an independent, coeducational boarding school located near Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, in the United States.

It is an exclusive boarding school without the elitism: an intellectually diverse and academically rigorous community that fosters intellectual curiosity, self-assurance, collaboration, and character development in preparation for lives of meaning and achievement.

At Brewster, students have full, enjoyable, and purposeful days designed so that each hour is jam-packed with activities that foster academic, social, physical, emotional, and personal development.

So, as part of the athletic programs at Brewster, students participate in both snowboarding and alpine skiing.

The Brewster snowboarding team participates in GS, Slopestyle, and SBX, among other disciplines. The squad competes against schools from the Lakes Region, with the majority of matches occurring on Wednesdays. The school’s home mountain is Gunstock in Gilford, and for contests organized by sister schools, the team travels to other New Hampshire ski resorts.

In contrast, Brewster’s alpine ski team participates in NEPSAC District II. Students have the option to compete at the United States Ski Association (USSA) level.It is also among the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.


4. Colorado’s Fountain Valley School

Fountain Valley School (FVS), founded in 1930, is a private coeducational independent college preparatory school in Colorado Springs, Colorado offering day and boarding programs for students in grades 9-12.

FVS offers many recreation and experiential education programs throughout the year. It is one of the institutions and universities in the United States where students engage in snowboarding activities.

There is some of the world’s best skiing in Fountain Valley, and you may ride the mountains 30 to 40 times per season if you like. On both Saturdays and Sundays, buses travel to the ski resorts.

The All Mountain Program (AMP) focuses on the development of advanced skiers and snowboarders and promotes all-around skiing/riding. You establish realistic goals for the season, and then faculty coaches assist you in developing the necessary skills to achieve them.

You may like to improve your powder skiing, telemarking, or racing techniques, for instance (also include some kind of snowboard goal here). During the week, AMP members will also engage in strength and agility training in preparation for a weekend on the slopes.


5 Vermont Academy

Best Snowboard Schools In the USA

Vermont Academy is a coeducational, college preparation institution in Saxtons River, Vermont, serving 9th through 12th grade students and postgraduates. It is one of Vermont Academy’s strengths that its students value both the arts and athletics.

By emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship, self-discipline, and an appreciation for lifetime fitness, Vermont’s athletic program fosters the development of the full student-athlete (mind, body, and soul).

Vermont Academy is one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.

During the winter, the Vermont Academy snowboard team trains up to six days a week, with optional training possibilities in the fall. In accordance with the athlete’s goal and motivation, they provide the chance, direction, and attention necessary to enhance both riding and competing skills.

The Vermont Academy snowboard team has trained and coached riders from the earliest phases of turning, jumping, and grinding to the highest levels of high school and national competition. The squad practices on campus at #77 Winter Sports Park and in Ludlow at Okemo Mountain.


6. Cardigan Mountain School

Cardigan Mountain School, usually known as Cardigan or CMS, was founded in 1945 as an independent day and boarding school for boys in grades 6 through 9 in Canaan, New Hampshire, United States.

At Cardigan, they comprehend and value males at this age and developmental period. Thus, they have constructed an atmosphere to foster not only their academic success, but also their physical, social, ethical, and personal development.

All students at Cardigan have the exceptional opportunity to participate in an age-appropriate, competitive sporting program. Program for Alpine Skiing is one of these sporting activities.

In essence, Cardigan offers the intense training environment of a ski academy, while maintaining committed to academic enrichment, character development, and physical development through participation in other sports during the fall and spring.

Unlike “winter term” programs available to boys of this age, Cardigan uses a dynamic curriculum and an academic support system to prepare the boys for academic and athletic success in their next step. In addition, Cardigan skiers train on snow five days per week without affecting their academic progress.

They prepare the youngsters athletically for speed, flexibility, power, and strength through dry-land training. On-snow, they employ the most up-to-date strategies and progressions for the development of technical skills and reinforce this with video analysis.


7. Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School, founded in 1922, is an independent coeducational boarding and day school for children in grades pre-kindergarten through ninth in Lakeville, Connecticut, United States.

IMS not only provides an excellent foundation for high school education, but also teaches students the interpersonal skills required to live and work with others.

Here, students are have the opportunity to see the wonderful natural surroundings. Since the school’s inception, outdoor activities have been a vital component of student life. And as part of these outdoor activities, the skiing and snowboarding curriculum is included.

The Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding program at Indian Mountain is essentially a non-competitive coed program for seventh through ninth graders. Tuesday through Friday, the snowboarding squad skis at Catamount Ski Resort for free. Ski and snowboard rentals are offered, as are introductory lessons and a terrain park for freestylers.

In contrast, the Competitive Ski Racing team competes in Slalom and Giant Slalom events on a variety of southern New England mountains. This program has a Varsity Ladder and a Junior Varsity Ladder. Also, the squad practices and hosts home competitions at Catamount Ski Area.This is one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.


8.  Bement School

Bement School is an oasis; it is a small kindergarten through ninth-grade school tucked beneath the Pocumtuck Mountains and bordered by the glistening Deerfield River. They are a hospitable community that places a premium on happiness and diligence, and they teach their students to embrace difficulty.

Bement wants its children, whether they are kindergarteners chasing butterflies or ninth graders conducting science experiments, to be excited and happy every day. It is also one of the snowboarding schools and colleges in the United States due to the fact that its students engage in snowboarding activities.

The Bement School ski program is a proud member of the Mountain Institute Ski League (MISL), which holds competitions every Wednesday at Berkshire East in Charlemont, Massachusetts.

The ski team competes in both the junior varsity and varsity categories of the league. We compete against numerous independent schools in Western Massachusetts, including Deerfield Academy, Northfield Mt. Hermon School, Wilbraham and Monson Academy, and Williston Northampton School.

In fact, the ski team has enjoyed considerable success throughout the years. The ladies’ JV squad won the JV division in 2017. In addition, the program takes pleasure in providing all participants with an excellent ski racing experience.

Note that the team begins dry land training in December, and the race season begins in January and runs through the end of February.It is also regarded as one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.


 9 Colorado Timberline School

Colorado Timberline Academy offers high school students a nontraditional college prepared education. It is a close-knit community with outstanding educational and outdoor-oriented programming. It is one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA.

At Colorado Timberline Academy, every student participates in an outdoor activities program. This includes skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and more.

Each, each student at Colorado Timberline Academy receives a season ski pass as part of the school’s outdoor pursuits program. During the fourth block, three class days are shortened so that students can ski and snowboard at Purgatory Ski Resort.


10. Asheville School

Best Snowboard Schools In the USA

Asheville School, founded in 1900, is a private, coeducational, University-preparatory boarding school and one of the institutions and colleges in the United States where students participate in snowboarding sports.

As one of the Best Snowboard Schools In the USA, The school is located in Asheville, Western North Carolina which offers various sites best suited for winter mountaineering in the USA. As such, Asheville School students experience the thrill of cross-country and downhill skiing or snowboarding when the weather permits.

Once it begins to snow, the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed to motorized traffic in order to provide an excellent cross-country skiing trail. Also, six local ski resorts are capable of producing snow when the temperature falls below freezing.

In contrast, Asheville School provides downhill ski trips to locations such as Beech and Sugar nearly every weekend in January and February.

During this time, the school also competes in interscholastic ski races organized by Cataloochee Ski Resort. They often occur on Wednesday afternoons and evenings, and only seniors and honors students are permitted to participate.


FAQs On Best Snowboard Schools In the USA

Are there college snowboarding teams?

Students enrolled in college sometimes don't realize that there is a place for them to compete in intercollegiate competition in skiing and snowboarding. More than 180 colleges across the United States have established alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing and/or snowboarding programs.

Can you get snowboarding scholarships?

Most skiing and snowboarding scholarships will be college-based, and under the rules of the NCAA. You'll need a minimum GPA to qualify not only for scholarships but to land a position on a team.

Is there money in snowboarding?

Some professional snowboarders make six-figure incomes or more. Other skilled snowboarders have to go into debt to keep competing. The top snowboarders, Snow Brains says, are millionaires. The money comes from a variety of income streams including movies, sponsorships and marketing their own line of snowboard gear.

Is snowboarding a wealthy sport?

Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding is a sport for people with money. It is expensive, especially if you are a first-time skier. Some might even call it posh or a rich person sport!

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