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10 Best Schools for Food Science in the World

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10 Best Schools for Food Science in the World!

Food is beneficial to the body and sustains life, but do you comprehend the chemistry of dietary components? Would you like to understand how to increase the nutritional content, availability, and quantity of food? If so, you must enroll in a food science degree program at one of the Best Schools for Food Science in the world.

While food science pays well, nothing compares to the satisfaction of saving lives and promoting health that a career in food science provides.

According to the World Health Organization, around 600 million people become unwell after consuming tainted food, and approximately 420,000 die annually as a result.

Your input as a food scientist helps minimize this number, but if you do not attend a respected food science school, you will not be well prepared for this duty.

For this reason, we will provide you with a list of the Best Schools for Food Science worldwide. But first, you will need to understand the kind of degrees required to begin and excel in a food science job.

If you read to the end of this post, you will get the answers to any questions you may already have about the subject.

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What exactly is Food Science?

Food Science is a multidisciplinary field. It is a field that combines the sciences of chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and engineering in order to comprehend the scientific aspects of food and to address problems linked with various components of the food system.

According to Wikipedia, the scope of food science begins with agricultural science and nutrition before progressing to the scientific aspects of food processing and the advancement of food technology.

Food science is interested in utilizing its multidisciplinary expertise to investigate the nature of foods, the reasons of food deterioration, the rules governing food processing, and the enhancement of food for the public.

Food science is a very young field of study. It began as a reaction to the societal changes in North America and other industrialized nations. People in these regions desired food items that were simple to prepare, convenient, sophisticated, and refined.

To control this issue, the food industry requires scientists with a comprehensive understanding of the complicated chemistry of the food system and preservation techniques. Hence, Food Science was created.

Students, researchers, and professionals in the field of food science attend conferences and symposia to expand their understanding of the subject. Plan on attending this year’s Global Food Security Symposium Globally in the United States.

List of the Best Schools for Food Science in the World

The following is a list of the Best Schools for Food Science in the World:

1. Jiangnan University

Best Schools for Food Science

Jiangnan University is one of China’s Best Schools for Food Science. The Chinese Ministry of Education oversees this important initiative 211 university. It began in 1902, and more than 28,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at Chinese schools.

Jiangnan, which is ranked number one by ARWU as one of the Best Schools for Food Science in the world, does not have a QS World University Ranking (WUR). Based on subject ranking, however, QS rates this Chinese university between 101 and 150 globally. In addition, IFT recognizes Jiangnan’s bachelor’s degree programs in Food Science, so elevating it to the status of a preeminent worldwide institution.

The bachelor’s degree programs in food science offered by Jiangnan University include Food Science & Technology and Food Safety & Quality Control. In addition, it offers a Master of Science in Fermentation Engineering and a Master of Science in Food Safety & Quality Control.

The Ph.D. programs of Jiangnan are Jiangnan’s primary selling point. Light Industrial Mechanical & Packing Engineering and Sugar Engineering are two of the six.

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2. Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is the only university in China equal to the Ivy League universities in the United States. It is the oldest, most prestigious, and most selective institution in China.

Unlike Harvard, however, Zhejiang University has a large student body and a small staff. According to Wikipedia, the total number of students is 54,641 and the number of Academic Staff is 3,500.

Despite this, ZJU is one of the Best Schools for Food Science and technology degrees. It is ranked number six by ARWU as the top institution in the world for food science and number fifty-four by QS Global University Rankings.

ZJU’s food science programs are not IFT-accredited, but the university offers five institutions devoted to sustainable research in the topic.

Zhejiang University’s College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science provides one bachelor’s degree, six master’s degree programs, and five doctoral degree programs in food science. The following link provides a complete listing of ZJU’s Food Science degree programs.

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3. University of Wageningen – The Netherlands

While discussing global food and agriculture, the Netherlands must be mentioned. The initial mission of the University of Wageningen (UR) was to investigate the possibilities of nature to enhance the quality of life. Thus, it is impossible to discuss food science without including UR.

This Dutch university was founded in 1876 as Wageningen University and the Agricultural Research Institute of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is ranked 125th in the QS World University Ranking, although it is ranked second in the ARWU for food science.

Similarly to Jiangnan University, UR offers an IFT-accredited food science curriculum. This is the Food Science graduate degree program at the University of Wageningen.

Meanwhile, Wageningen University provides only two food science and technology degree programs. They are the Food Technology Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

In the first year of the Master’s degree, you can pick from nine food science specializations and three research institutions largely devoted to food science and technology.It is also one of the Best Schools for Food Science in the world.

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4. China Agricultural University

The university’s name alone identifies it as one of the Best Schools for Food Science degree programs. China Agricultural University was founded in 1905 in Beijing, China, with over 13,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs. In 1995, however, the Beijing Agricultural Engineering University and the university merged to form the institution’s current shape.

ARWU ranks China Agricultural University as the third-Best Schools for Food Science in the world, and QS Global University ranks it between 651 and 700. As a result, China Agricultural University holds a strong position as a global university for food science. Despite the fact that IFT does not yet recognize this Chinese university’s food science programs, its six (6) research institutes devoted to food science and technology are exceptional.

In addition, China Agricultural University’s Faculty of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering offers four food science departments. It consists of the Departments of Food Science and Engineering, Food Biotechnology, Nutrition and Food Safety, and Viticulture and Enology. These departments provide four (4) undergraduate degrees, five (6) master’s degree programs, and a doctorate in Aquatic Products Process Engineering.

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5 South China University of Technology

Best Schools for Food Science

South China University of Technology (SCUT) was founded in 1952 in China’s Tianhe District. It is one of the Best Schools for Food Science in China known for its engineering and science programs. According to Wikipedia, SCUT has approximately 40,000 students, 1,829 of whom are international students.

The South China University of Technology is ranked fourth in ARWU and 480th in QS Global University rankings for food science, respectively. The university’s food science programs are not accredited by the Institute of Food Technologists. Yet, its school of Light Industries and Food Science offers a large number and range of food science degree programs.

As one of the Best Schools for Food Science, This institution provides two undergraduate programs, four master’s degrees, and four doctoral programs. Food Science & Engineering and Food Quality and Safety are the Bachelor’s degree programs. Fermentation Engineering, Sugar Engineering, Starch Resources Science & Engineering, and Food Science & Engineering are the Master’s degree programs.

In addition, there are Ph.D. programs in Food Science, Sugar Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, and Food Science & Engineering.

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6. University of Campinas – Brazil

Brazil is another country in the world that can take pride in its agriculture and food production. So, it would be unfair not to include a Brazilian university in our list of the Best Schools for Food Science.

Hence, the University of Campinas (Unucamp) is one of Brazil’s universities at the forefront of international food and science research. It was established in Sao Paulo in 1962 and was linked with Washington University in St. Louis.

ARWU ranks Unicamp as the fifth Best Schools for Food Science in the world, while QS puts it 214th. Despite the fact that Unicamp’s food science programs are not IFT-accredited, the Brazilian university’s Master’s and Doctoral Programs in the World stand out among other food science and technology degrees.

Unicamp’s School of Food Engineering provides four Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Food Science. Communication, Food Technology, Food and Nutrition, and Food Engineering. In addition, Unicamp is responsible for 15% of Brazilian research, which is also true for the school’s research in food science. Currently, Unicamp is the Brazilian institution of choice for food science education and research.

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7. Ghent University- Belgium.

Belgium is another notable European nation in terms of agriculture and food security. Ghent University (UGent) is the only Belgian institution on our ranking of the Best Schools for Food Science. The institution was founded by King William I of the Netherlands in 1817 in Ghent and has about 44,000 students.

ARWU ranks Ghent University as the Best Schools for Food Science in the world, whereas QS World University places it at 130. UGent’s Food Science programs are not accredited by the Institute of Food Technologists, but its enormous number and range of programs make it one of the Best Schools for Food Science in the world.

In addition to its two food and science degree programs for Bio Engineers, two programs for Industrial Engineers, three International degree programs, and one Exchange program, UGhent also provides a Food Science certificate program. UGhent provides a total of three bachelor’s degrees and five master’s degrees in food science.

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8 University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMass stands out among the many colleges in the United States that offer food science degree programs. The University of Massachusetts Amherst was founded in 1863 and has more than 30,000 students enrolled in one of its 109 undergraduate, 77 graduate, and 48 doctoral programs.

The university’s doctoral research stands out in particular. It is one of the R1 Doctoral Universities, which are distinguished by their exceptionally high research activity.

ARWU ranks USP’s food science program as the ninth finest in the world, while QS World University ranks it as the 305th best university in the world. IFT-accredited undergraduate and graduate food science programs at the University of Massachusetts strengthen its standing as a leading institution for food science.

In addition, its Fergus M. Clydesdale Center for Foods for Health and Wellbeing houses a world-class food science research center.

The Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts offers four food science programs. These are a Bachelor of Science in Food Science, a Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science, a Master of Science in Food Science, and a 1-Year Professional Masters Degree in Food Science.

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9. The University of Porto in Portugal

Portugal is another European nation whose contributions to food and agriculture are exceptional. For a degree in food science, the University of Porto is an exceptional institution you can rely on.

Based on student population, the University of Porto is the second-largest institution in Portugal. This institution, which was founded in Porto in 1836, has more over 30,000 students.

ARWU recognizes the institution’s research achievements to the field of food science, ranking it as the eleventh-best university in the world for food science studies.

In contrast, the University of Porto is ranked 353rd in the world by QS in its Global University Ranking. Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Agency has also accredited the university’s food science programs.

Via its Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science, FCNAUP, the University of Porto offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, five Master’s degrees, and four doctoral degrees in food science. See the University of Porto’s complete range of food science programs.It is also regarded as one of the Best Schools for Food Science.

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10 Sao Paulo University – Brazil

Best Schools for Food Science

You cannot discuss universities in Brazil, nor will you discuss the University of Sao Paulo (USP). This is the largest and most prestigious university in Brazil. According to Wikipedia, the university was founded in 1034 and had 92,792 students. USP’s degrees are unquestionably among the top in Brazil and the globe, which explains its high global ranking.

ARWU ranks USP 8th as one of the Best Schools for Food Science in the world, while QS World University ranks it as the 116th best university in the world. Despite the fact that the University of Sao Paulo’s Food Science programs lack IFT accreditation, its College of Agriculture is home to one of the most specialized Food Science research facilities.

Its research focuses on food processing & quality, food & beverage biotechnology, food microbiology & good manufacturing practices, and food safety & applied nutrition.

Meanwhile, USP offers only programs in food science. They are Food Science (BSC) and Agronomics Engineering (BSc) (BSc).

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FAQs On Best Schools for Food Science In Th World

Is food science in high demand?

The food industry is huge and offers more career opportunities than many others. It is also continuously growing as a result of non-stop urbanisation, is continuously developing in line with advances in science and technology and is constantly innovating to keep up with consumer expectations and demands.

Which country is best for food technologists?

It is home to 21 of the world's top 500 universities as of 2021 data. As for many aspirants, Canada is at the top of their list.

Is food science a good career in USA?

Specifically, professionals in the field make almost $73,500 per year on average. Top earners make much more—over $125,000 annually, in fact. Graduates of food science degree programs will find the most lucrative opportunities in food manufacturing, research and development, and government agencies.

How much are food technologist paid in USA?

The national average salary for a Food Technologist is $64,732 in United States.

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