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10 Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

10 Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates: Here’s your chance to acquire all the college-level information you need without spending a dollar. Allow me to introduce you to the free online courses offered by BYU. The acronym BYU stands for Brigham Young University. Currently, the institution provides free online courses that lead to certificates. Here are the greatest BYU online courses offered for free in 2023.

There are no fees associated with Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates.

You will discover everything you need to know about Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates and how to apply for a program in this post.

In addition, you will receive a list of the top 10 Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates available on the site in 2023, as well as instructions on how to obtain the credential.

Brigham Young College (BYU)

BYU is a private research institution located in Provo, Utah that is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The university provides the greatest online courses available and aspires to cultivate students of faith, intelligence, and character who has the abilities and the drive to learn and serve others.

At BYU, students are taught fundamental academic skills and spiritual self-assurance in and out of the classroom. This equips them to begin or complete a degree program.

List of the Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

The following is a list of the Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates:

  • The New Testament
  • Marriott School of Management: Personal Finance
  • French Research
  • Germany Research
  • Huguenot Research
  • Scandinavia Research
  • Strengthening Marriage and Family: Proclamation Principles and Scholarship
  • Rearing Responsible and Righteous Teens in a Wicked World
  • The writings of John: The Gospel

1. French Studies

Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

In 2023, French research tops the list of Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates. This is a simple research course. Its purpose is to impart the relevant knowledge. It does not matter if you are a beginner, an expert, or even a native French speaker conducting research at the Family History Library.

This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates is aimed to assist participants in distinguishing between items they currently require and those they may like to save for later. A topic’s presence here does not guarantee that it will be of equal value to everyone.

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2. Personal Finance Course at the Marriott School of Management

This six-chapter personal finance course intends to help students comprehend how personal money relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The objective of this Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates is to provide a wide introduction to the various aspects of personal finance so that students will continue to study and comprehend the various topics presented in this lesson. The subjects are:

  • Understanding Financial Concepts – Prioritization
  • Financial Independence – Living Within Your Means
  • Financial Independence through Saving and Investing
  • Tax and Long-Term Planning – Critical Concerns
  • Major Purchases and Credit Purchasing – The Home and Automobile Buying Decision
  • Having Sufficient Insurance – Protecting You and Your Family

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3. the New Testament

This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates is New Testament . This is an introduction course on the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. The four Gospels of the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—serve as the primary source of material for this study, as they document who Jesus was, why he came to earth, what he said, and what he did.

The four Gospels are true records of the ministry of the Lord, and these narratives will be put alongside the other standard writings and the teachings of the prophets and apostles of the latter days. To aid students in comprehending and appreciating the historical and cultural background of the Lord’s ministry, supplementary information from other sources is often given.

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4. German Studies

Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates focuses on the fundamentals of researching German family history. The course covers many various topics of German research, however it was not designed to cover the bulk of these.

In order to begin a new life in America, the ancestors of some full-blooded Native Americans left practically everything behind, including their families, and emigrated from one or more foreign countries. This was done to achieve religious freedom, freedom from oppression, or to enhance the quality of life for their family and generations.

This is a course for novice genealogists, not those with more experience. Students who participate in this German research course have made a significant commitment to mastering German research references and techniques. Additionally, they can identify their forebears by employing significant research principles.

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5. Huguenot Studies

This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates is meant to help you distinguish between things you need now and those you can put off until later. It strives to meet the demands of a large number of individuals.

In this Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates , questions such as “whether Huguenots actually existed” are thoroughly addressed. However, it is undeniable that these people have lived on earth and paved the way for us, so they are genuine. Many obstacles were met during their period, yet they persevered and evolved to provide a better environment for their descendants.

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6. Scandinavian Studies

The Scandinavian research course is created for those who are investigating Scandinavian ancestry and intends to assist you in comprehending various aspects of family history research that will be quite beneficial.

This course instructs;

  • The degrees of authority on which your ancestors’ records are based.
  • The most common handwriting type encountered when studying Scandinavian families.
  • Lastly, unique to Scandinavian study are feast days and church records, census records, probate records, and other data.

After completing this Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates, you will be able to:

  • Determine the location of your Scandinavian ancestor’s homeland.
  • Read handwritten Nordic documents.
  • Convert holy days to calendar days.
  • Church records and censuses can be used to identify forebears.
  • Use probate and unique records to identify your forebears.

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7. Principles and Scholarship Regarding the Strengthening of Marriage and the Family Proclamation

FAMLF 71, “Strengthening Marriage and Family: Proclamation Principles and Scholarship,” is an opportunity to examine the profound family-related proclamation issued by apostles and prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates intends to encourage us to consider its relevance to our lives, our families, and the welfare of families globally.

The objective of this course is to encourage students to participate in a serious examination of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. and its significance in regard to societal changes and academic studies on marriage and family in a religious and academic environment.

Upon completion of this course, you will;

  • Applying the principles of revealed truth and supporting scholarship with faith will enrich your marriage and family ties.
  • Confidently communicate and defend the ideas of a thriving marriage and family life by using sacred and intellectual sources.
  • Enhance your knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel truths pertaining to marriage and family life.

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8. Raising Responsible and Good Adolescents in a Wicked World

Numerous parents today find it tough to raise their children in an unfavorable environment. Consequently, this course attempts to instruct parents on how to:

  • Help your children feel closer to the family unit.
  • Help your children reject temptation and detrimental peer pressure.
  • Assist your children in internalizing their religious ideas and developing their own spirituality.
  • Instill the proper disciplines, rules, and regulations in your children.
  • Give your children psychological independence.

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9. John’s writings: The Gospel
Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

This course’s material is designed to assist students improve their biblical study.

After completing this course, you will be familiar with and have a working grasp of the writings of John the Apostle, as well as feeling and receiving the testimony of Jesus Christ as bore by an eyewitness and intimate companion of the Savior.

This Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates is designed to deepen your affection for Jesus Christ as the Redeemer and Eternal God of all humanity. As you learn more about your responsibilities as a devout, obedient Christian and how the Lord is preparing you for your celestial destiny, you should gain confidence that your faith in God and dedication to his gospel will prevail.

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FAQs On Best BYU Free Online Courses With Certificates

Can you put free online courses on your CV?

Identify the skills which will be needed in the jobs you apply for, but also choose a course that interests you. This way you'll easily gain the skills remotely, but also find it possible to complete the course, meaning you can put it on your CV.

Can free online courses get you a job?

So, can an online course lead to a job? The answer is yes. Online courses are most likely to land you a job faster than a traditionally achieved qualification. This is because they can be finished quicker and are mostly designed to improve your skillset, making you workplace ready.

Are free online certificates worth it?

More than 60% said that the experience helped them develop skills in a new job. Around 40% believed the course made them more qualified as job candidates. Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship or a more traditional employee role, a free online course can take your expertise to the next level.

Does BYU offer certificates?

BYU MPH Program Certification

Students have the option of completing one or more certificates. Students who choose to complete a certificate will gain specialty in one of five areas: community and behavioral health, epidemiology, family health, global health, or healthcare leadership.

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