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10 Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania

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10 Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania: Sadness is a shared experience we all have when we leave home to attend school. That is typically an emotional time for all of us. But this is what’s important: if we’re living at home, we should look for another place that resembles it.

Before deciding on a school, let’s examine why the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania may be the greatest option.

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According to Our Kids, boarding schools provide pupils with a multitude of perks. The decision to attend boarding school is the first step in what many consider a long-term decision: the benefits of attending boarding school will pay off in the long run.

Several prominent and successful members of society began their path at a private school, including previous presidents, actors, sports, and famous business people.

When expanding on the topic of boarding school, we will mostly focus on the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania. Our table of contents carefully outlines the information included in this article.

Why Enroll at Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

The Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania provide students with valuable experience that will aid them in their future endeavors. In fact, data indicates that boarding school kids perform better in college.

Pennsylvania is the fifth most populous and the thirty-third largest state by land area in the United States. Nevertheless, their economy is excellent, as their unemployment rate is only 6%.

When you enroll your child in a boarding school, you are assured that they will receive an exceptional education. This knowledge enhances both his knowledge and his character.

Are there Free Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Locating a free boarding school is a difficult endeavor. Due to the high expense of living, food, and education, many institutions cannot accommodate these fees in any way.

In Pennsylvania, however, there is a free boarding school called the Milton Hershey School. They are a free boarding school in which parents pay nothing for their children.

List of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania 

The following is a list of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania:

1. Linden Hall

Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania

Lindel Hall, founded in 1746, is an autonomous boarding school for girls. From its founding, it has remained the oldest independent residential school in the United States.

As one of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania, the school dedicated to the education of young women, they continue to influence and empower young women. They essentially accomplish this by providing students with a platform to acquire knowledge and applicable life skills.

Its graduates have gone on to achieve excellent careers in all areas over the years. Students in their programs hail from more than 45 nations and 15 U.S. states.

There are unique riding programs and aviation centers where female students can obtain actual experience. Obviously, their location in Pennsylvania makes them one of the best boarding schools in the state.

Recently, they introduced “Makerspace,” a building devoted solely to hands-on work in engineering and robotics workshops in a variety of disciplines.

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2. Milton Hershey High School

In 1909, Milton and Catherine Hershey established Milton Hershey School. This school was founded with the intention of serving students from low-income families. Today, nearly 10,000 student lives have been transformed.

The Milton Hershey School continues to adhere to its everyday principles. These principles, often known as their sacred values, consist of integrity, a good attitude, mutual respect, and dedication to the objective.

Despite being a free boarding school in Pennsylvania, they provide for all of their students’ financial and social needs. The objective continues to assist them in leading more productive lives.

Although they do not accept overseas students at this time, this institution welcomes nearly 2,100 pupils in kindergarten through grade 12. In fact, their school has an equal number of males and girls.

All pupils learn without boundaries in a warm and familial setting. Eight to twelve students live in each of the over 180 student residences.It is also among the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania.

3. Military academy at Valley Forge

Valley Forge Academy is an institution solely devoted to developing both personal and academic strength. This objective has been accomplished in the lives of many of their students.

This academy’s activities are guided by five ideologies. Academic achievement, moral development, personal motivation, physical development, and leadership are the cornerstones.

They accomplish these goals through integrating their military and academic communities. A community that fosters all levels of friendship and intelligence.

In every faculty, teachers impart knowledge to pupils on a variety of life and academic topics. Each student has the opportunity to solve a problem through a personal connection with their teacher.

After completing this cadet program as a young man, your life, character, and personality will be refined. Hence, they are among the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania.

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4. Westtown College

Founded in 1799, Westtown School is the oldest coeducational residential school still in operation. Their vast history supported by statistics bolsters their cause in every way.

The Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools has granted Westtown School its accreditation. Hence, they have approximately 107 teaching faculties, with 85 percent of their students residing on campus.

This school’s campus has about 600 acres of land. Despite the fact that the majority of the property is occupied by the school, the remaining sections include an instructional organic farm and other features.

They have a diversified student population. Students at Westtown represent more than 19 states and 17 nationalities. These students have received a total of $9,500,000 in grants and scholarships.

Students at Westtown perform exceptionally well in both academics and athletics. They excel in athletics, badminton, soccer, and basketball due to their numerous sports facilities.It is also regarded as one of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania.

5. Solebury Academy

Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania

Unlike other institutions, Solebury has a unique philosophy. They believe that young people are eager to learn and that their only responsibility is to design a curriculum that caters to that desire.

Indeed, this is evident in their inquisitive study and their aim to link several disciplines. This inquiry has led to significant discovery and innovation.

The atmosphere of mutual respect in Solebury facilitates communication between teachers and students. Hence, they abandon conventional patterns that limited association.

Solebury is one of the most exclusive boarding schools in Pennsylvania. A location where one can establish a route for their aspirations and desires.

6. Shady Side Academy

Shady Side Academy continues to challenge its students to think broadly. From a one-room schoolhouse, they have developed into a vast educational community.

As a well-respected private school on a national scale, they actively teach and coach forward-thinking pupils in order for them to attain their goals and ambitions. These outcomes constitute the basis upon which they construct.

During each stage of a student’s life at Shady Side, there is always a path they will take to reach their objectives.This is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania.

7. Perkiomen School

Perkiomen School, founded in 1875, continues to inspire daring, audacity, and strength among Pennsylvania’s leading residential institutions. For this reason, they continue to be cherished and respected.

The Perkiomen School encourages its students’ inquisitiveness and problem-solving abilities. This is the reason why they can afford the finest liberal arts education.

As among the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania, they are dedicated to cultivating a talented and diverse student body. A location where students may interact and work to address real-world issues.

Students have the opportunity to pursue their interests in the surrounding world. In reality, it is this desire that strengthens relationships between students and teachers.

8. Mercersburg Institution

Pennsylvania’s Mercersburg Academy is an extraordinary boarding institution. They have a history of brilliance and innovation that distinguishes them in every way.

The ratio of students to faculty at Mercersburg Academy is 4:1, with approximately 442 pupils enrolled. The numbers include 104 faculty members in addition to the number of students.

Students may enroll in any of this school’s 107 courses, as the average class size is 11 students. In addition, students can participate in an exchange program in Chile or Germany.

Since its founding, this university has generally spent above $297 million. In essence, more than half of their students have received some form of financial aid.

9. Hill School 

Hill School, founded in 1852, has a strong history of tradition and quality. It has faithfully followed this route, which is the foundation for many of their current achievements.

Hill School places a great emphasis on character. They believe that character is vital for growth in the modern environment. Its motto, “All things are true,” encapsulates their entire worldview.

As much as they believe in mutual respect and courtesy, Hill School also thinks that belonging to a community enables you to do more. Hence, they urge students to establish relationships with their professors outside of the classroom.

This connection has enabled them to become an outstanding academic institution. Imagine what it would be like to attend a school where the curriculum is constantly updated to meet current standards.

Students at this school have a strong sense of community and shared achievement. Consequently, regardless of whether they excel in academics or sports, the reward system remains unchanged.It is also one of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania.

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10. George School

Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania

George School is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania. And the explanation is not obscure, as it is evident in their approach to everything they do.

This institution, unlike other boarding schools, provides you the freedom to engage in extracurricular activities. Students can compete in sports, utilize 3D printers, and investigate math, in their words.

George School thinks it offers one of the most difficult International Baccalaureate courses. In addition, they offer additional classes including Spanish Seminar and Advanced Calculus.

Teachers at George school instruct and encourage students to pursue many career routes. Essentially, demanding learning environments continue to attract students.

FAQs On Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania

What is the highest rated school in Pennsylvania?

The top ranked public schools in Pennsylvania are Masterman Julia R Sec School, Pine-richland High School and Fairview Elementary School. The cities and towns with the highest concentration of top ranked public schools are Bala Cynwyd, Breinigsville and Wayne.

How much is private school in PA?

The average private school tuition in Pennsylvania is $11,935 per year (2023). The private elementary school average tuition cost is $10,624 per year and the private high school average is $16,384 per year.

Are there free boarding schools in us?

The fact is, there aren't many free boarding schools in America. The ones that are free, generally, are very competitive to gain acceptance to. Most are publicly-funded, so eligibility is based on your location (state).

Is public school free in PA?

Most Pennsylvania families choose traditional public schools. These schools are operated by districts, free to attend, open to all students, and funded by taxpayers.

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