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10 Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

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10 Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng: If you are a student or parent looking for the most cheap boarding schools in Gauteng, then you should review our list of Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng and their fees.

Pretoria’s boarding institutions Unlike day schools, boarding schools in Gauteng, South Africa, and elsewhere provide education to students who reside on the grounds. The term “boarding” refers to “accommodation includes room and board,” i.e., lodging and food.

Although they have existed for millennia and are now widespread in numerous nations, their function and ethics differ widely. It has been observed that boarding schools in Pretoria, Gauteng, and other regions of South Africa charge excessively high prices for a decent education.

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In Gauteng boarding schools, there are less distractions. Because television, video games, the telephone, and other distractions are restricted, students can concentrate better on their schoolwork. These young students tend to perform better since they live in a favourable atmosphere to learning.

As said previously, we will present all information regarding the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng. We will also assist you in contacting each boarding school directly by providing their phone numbers and official websites so that you can visit these boarding schools and learn their tuition rates, regardless of whether you are in Gauteng.

The purpose of including Boarding Schools in Gauteng Costs is to make it easier for you to determine which schools are within your or your parents’ financial means, so that you do not choose a boarding school that is too expensive.

About Gauteng

Gauteng, which means “land of gold” in Soto-Tswana, is one of South Africa’s nine provinces.

This is the smallest province in South Africa in terms of land area, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Yet, its population is substantial, constituting more than a fifth of the total.

Gauteng is the most ornately decorated urban area in South Africa and is home to some of the country’s finest boarding institutions. The province is home to some of the country’s most famous cities, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Midland, among others.

Gauteng is the most populated of the nine provinces in South Africa, with an estimated 15 million households.

Around 80% of the province’s population consists of blacks, followed by approximately 15% of whites. Other groups consist of people of color, while the remainder are Asians.

Gauteng is the economic center of South Africa and contributes to all economic sectors, such as technology, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, and finance.

The province boasts South Africa’s second-highest life expectancy. The average male life expectancy is between 63 and 65 years, while the average female life expectancy is between 65 and 69 years.

What constitutes a boarding school?

A boarding school is a school where students live with their classmates, who may be instructors or administrators known as boarder masters, during the school year.

You have the option of being a term border or a weekly border. Most boarding schools also have headmasters or mistresses and house/hostel prefects. In general, depending on the size of the boarding school, each standard is a boarder master.

The Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng provide great training and the opportunity to attain academic and athletic success.

The weekly boarding students are permitted to stay in the dorms Monday through Friday and typically return home on the weekends. In contrast, term boarding students remain in the dormitory for the duration of the academic term and only return home during the holidays.

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Importance of Studying In Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

Self-sufficiency is taught in the boarding school. Boarding school provides a unique environment for student growth. In managing social relationships, academic requirements, and personal responsibilities, students prepare for a seamless transition to adulthood. Several of today’s business executives attended boarding school in Gauteng or in any other location.

There are numerous benefits for all kids attending boarding schools in Gauteng in Pretoria or any other region of Gauteng in South Africa, whether or not the school provides specific counseling. Students can study outside of the classroom if they have teachers and in-house teachers who reside nearby.

Participating in extracurricular activities is another perk shared by all boarders. The majority of pupils attending boarding schools in Gauteng are more involved in sports, the arts, and extracurricular activities than their day school counterparts.

List of the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

The following is a list of the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng:

1. Nigel High School

Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

Hostel costs at this Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng are mandatory and must be paid upon enrollment in the boarding school. Specific dietary preferences are not considered. On weekends and school holidays, the hostel is closed.

It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to arrange transportation to and from the boarding school for their children. This Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng is not liable for the loss or damage of students’ personal belongings.

The parents or legal guardians are accountable for all expenditures resulting from their children’s destruction of hostel property.

2. Pretoria Girls’ High School

This Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng was formed with the honest desire that girls of all races and religions would be able to meet in this community of writers that gave the world Erasmus and Shakespeare.

This is one of the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng, that adheres to the values of Christian responsibility, in order to gain the strong physique, the trained spirit, and the disciplined character necessary for everyone to live with dignity in a manner with which God is pleased.

Physical Address 

  • 949 Park Street Arcadia 0083 
  • Postal Address Private Bag X2 Hatfield 0028 
  • Email: 
  • Telephone: +27 (0)12 430 7341 or +27 (0)87 803 0570 

3. Krugersdorp High School

Krugersdorp High School, which has a 115-year history, encourages pupils to participate in as many cultural, athletic, and intellectual activities as possible in order to cultivate well-rounded persons. Young men and women will profit from time management at school and in their future employment.

Over the years, several prestigious universities have made Krugersdorp High School their first choice for high school. In addition, it is well-known that many students from Krugersdorp High School perform exceptionally well in college.This is another Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng.

4. Blue Hills College

It is impossible to exhaust the topic of Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng without addressing Blue Hills College. After being exposed to the greatest teacher of all time, Jesus Christ, pupils must depart Blue Hills Academy displaying the proper attitude and character.

After educating children that their bodies are the temples of God, they will respect and care for their physical selves. Be fruitful in all of their endeavors. Serve the community and seek to improve as individuals.

5. Prestigious College

Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

This is one of the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng, housing 200 girls and 160 boys on a secure and remote site, distant from city temptations. In terms of water and electricity, the facilities are entirely self-sufficient and independent of the local community.

Parents who act as full-time tutors are available around the clock. The pupils have supervised study hours and sufficient time for recreation and sports. The school is founded on strong Christian ideals and hence participates in additional community activities. Students develop into self-reliant, value-centered pillars of society.

The mission of this Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng is to cultivate the students’ general traits and self-discipline in order to prepare them for productive and responsible citizenship.

Student discipline, self-control, self-respect, and responsibility are the school’s primary objectives. Students are accountable for their own lives, choices, and ensuing consequences.

6. General Smuts Senior High School

Throughout its 61-year history, Smuts General High School has sought to support students who are willing and able to contribute positively and productively to the world.

This Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng has produced many leaders in national and international societies in the past, and this legacy of excellence remains a vital part of Smutsi culture today.

There are boarding schools for 69 boys and 86 girls. The administration is acutely conscious of its duty and will strive to promote the physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual well-being of the students.

7. St. Martin’s Academy

The St. Martin School founded in 1908, when the St. Agnes School for Domestic Workers was established. A few years later, in 1911, the addition of the St. Peter Priory and College made secondary education available to South African boys and men.

It became known as “Black Eton” for its emphasis on academic achievement. The school’s list of alumni is noteworthy. Oliver Tambo, Hugh Masekela, Fikile Bam, and a host of others hold prominent roles in the government and in multinational corporations.

8. Cornerstone College Secondary Campus

This Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng is one of the independent residential secondary schools (grades R-12) and a bed & breakfast located in Silverton, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Cornerstone College has built a secure and disciplined Christian environment where the highest quality education is provided at the lowest cost.

The school’s other primary objective is to invest in the future of South Africa by developing young people and providing them with a good educational foundation.

There are a total of 1060 students, with 250 residing in the dormitory. The base of the logo is a symbol of academic success and signifies the foundation or cornerstone offered for student growth.

The leaf emerging from the root represents new life and expansion. For the glory of God, the administration believes in teaching the whole person in an environment of excellence and honesty.

9. Roedean School (Sa)

This state-of-the-art facility is named after the Headmistress, Ms. Mary Williams, because she is a woman who has done a great deal for Roedean over many years and whose legacy and dedication to the school will be honored by future generations.

Roedean has effectively merged modern technologies with Sir Herbert Baker’s original design to create an aesthetically pleasing and practical installation.

In developing the boarding school, the most advanced eco-architecture solutions now available in South Africa are implemented. For the first time in the nation, an innovative energy insulating material has been incorporated into a structure.Hence, it is also among the Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng.

10. St. Albans’s College

Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

Each house has a caretaker and an assistant caretaker who are responsible for its daily operation. In addition, tutors are allocated to each home to provide support and guidance.

Each house has a management team consisting of a property manager, an assistant property manager, and a flawless management staff. Pensions and children’s homes have communal spaces that serve as the daily focal point. St. Alban is an Anglican church school that defends Christian principles.

This comprises individuals with diverse beliefs, compassion, courage, and a dedication to doing what is right. This is one of the affordable as well Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng.

FAQs On Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

How much is boarding school fees in Gauteng?

On average, the annual tuition fees in Gauteng range from R40,000 to R300,000.

What age is best for boarding school?

It all depends on when your child is ready, but here in the U.S., the most common entry points for boarding school are 9th and 10th grades, so students are between the ages of 14 and 16. Many schools offer the option of a post-graduate year for 18 or 19-year-olds.

Why do parents send their child to boarding school?

Boarding school is a holistic approach to education by granting your child the space to develop new interests, make friends, grow their education, and give them the life skills they will need to be successful.

Do boarding schools allow phones?

Every student has a cell phone at home these days, and there is no exception when home is a boarding school. In fact, many boarding schools capitalize on the fact that their students are chained to their mobile devices, using them to communicate and keep track of students.

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